Our Approach

Drs. Paul and Ashley Fick utilize "effective, no-nonsense" therapy. This treatment is designed to cut to the heart of your problem, implement individualized treatment strategies to aide you in resolving your problem, and assist you in self-understanding so that you can avoid or manage future pitfalls.

"Effective, no-nonsense" therapy is an innovative therapeutic approach which enables you to: (1) identify your negative thoughts and feelings; (2) determine where the negative thoughts and feelings come from; and (3) learn how to resolve them.

"Effective, no-nonsense" therapy operates from the simple, yet respectful, principle that no one knows you better than yourself. When you begin therapy, you probably have a good idea what is wrong, what you need to do to correct the problem, and what you aren't doing that you need to do. We will help you gain complete clarity in each of those three areas

When you complete "effective, no-nonsense" therapy, you will have the skills necessary to live free of negative emotional burdens enabling you to be at your best.